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Looks like pretty deep stuff that I'm about to write, doesn't it? So where do I start? Let's see.....how about M? She's really special to me and I think thought that we had a connection, but obviously she doesn't. been sitting at home for days, biting my nails, waiting for her to write, but there ain't nuthin comin'. And I don't think there will be, either.....soooo I think I'll have to forget about her and move on......but like always it's easier said than done, but I'll keep trying, promise! Though I'm still kinda But that's life, isn't it? Try ur best and maybe u'll still be disappointed, but at least u tried and went for it instead of just waiting....wait...isn't this what I just wrote I did?.....well damn it, I dunno what I'm supposed to do, okay!? So just fuck it!! There's much bigger issues anyway....like the uncle of one of my friends has cancer and probably only a few days to live. And he's only thirtysomething and has a two-year-old daughter, who is waiting for her daddy to come home without realizing what's really going on....don't know what to say, don't know what to do. I'm simply stunned by the cruelty of life once again for ripping such a young family apart when there should yet be so much to come and so much to do......


Didn't I say, I was gonna write about luck as well? Well, now I told u about my friends uncle I don't really think there's anything worth telling afterwards, so I think I'm just gonna put a stop to it here and continue some other time. Bye folks, take care and live your dreams as long as you have the chance!
28.8.07 18:17

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